Every session is individually customized. It is always helpful to know what you anticipate receiving from the massage session. I integrate various modalities in both the 60 and 90 minute sessions to deliver the highest quality of results. The following is a list of massage modalities utilized and my rates:


Swedish – Swedish is the most commonly used modaility in massage. This modaility applies basic massage techniques to the body to increase circulation, promote relaxation, reduce tension, and lengthen the muscles. The pressure applied to the body can range from light to deep, depending on the personal preference.

Deep Tissue – Deep tissue massages are techniques applied with an increased amount of pressure.

Acupressure – Acupressure is an ancient healing art in which finger pressure is applied to specific sensitive points on the body. These points are called acu-points, which are located along meridian lines in the body. Meridians are rivers of energy in the body that run through various organs.  Applied pressure to acu-points can redirect and unclog these rivers of energy, also known as Qi (pronounced chi or ch’i). This application will help reduce ailments such as headaches, ringing in the ears, upset stomach, sinus conditions, fatigue, nervous tension, and many more. The pressure can range from light to deep, depending on where the therapist directs the flow of Qi.

Neuromuscular Therapy –  Neuromuscular Therapy, or NMT, is a scientific bodywork modality designed to relieve trigger points and chronic or acute muscular pain. Trigger points usually occur at the junction of the nerve and the muscle in areas that are lacking in oxygen. Trigger points may refer pain in the body; you can feel the pain on the trigger point itself or in a different area of the body. The purpose of NMT is to restore balance in the body, also known as homeostasis. The pain caused by trigger points will cause imbalance due to compensating or loss of function in the areas affected. Applying pressure to trigger points will restore homeostasis by increasing oxygen levels in the blood which stimulates blood flow to the area and reduces it in size. This application will help elimate referred pain, promote  greater range of motion, and relieve the body of chronic or acute pain. The pressure applied ranges from moderate to deep, depending on the sensitivity of the trigger point and the clients’ reaction to the pressure.

Myofascial Release Therapy  – Myofascial Release addresses the fascia, the tissue that surronds and connects the muscles, bones, and internal organs.  Unlike other massage modalities, which require a lubrication, Myofascial Release is non lubricated. This is because the therapist needs more friction to feel  the release and direct the fascia, in a certain way, determined by the structure of the tissue.  Some benefits of this modality are increased range of motion, relief from tension, improved posture and respiration, and a more relaxed and natural movement.  Myofascial Release is done slowly and patiently. The pressure applied varies from superficial to deep and in this way, fascia is released in layers.  In order to receive the healing benefits of Myofascial Release multiple sessions are necessary.  

Manual Lymphatic Drainage – Manual Lymphatic Drainage, or MLD, is a modality with a specialized goal to improve immune function of the lymphatic system and stimulate the flow of lymph fluid. When the lymphatic system is compromised, waste products accumulate and stagnate in the body, which causes a heavy feeling in your sinus’, limbs, and/or may create overall body fatigue.  MLD is a sequence of light pressured massage techniques which direct the flow of lymph fluid. This fluid is made up of protein, water, cellular components  and particles, and fatty acids. Directing the lymph fluid will help the body elimate unwanted wastes or recycle the fluid to be used by other parts of the body. MLD is great way to detoxify the body. During the course of a day, the body pumps approximately three quarts of lymph fluid through the lymphatic system. In one session of MLD, the body can pump up to 20 plus quarts. This detoxification can help the body have relief from lymphedema, improved immune functions, increased energy,  and enhanced relaxation. The pressure applied is very light, since the lymphatic system is superficial.




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